Simpler Times Bios

                                                                                                                           The Band

  Pierce Gresham,Banjo and Fiddle.


                                                      Sam Pankratz  guitar

Carl Mienecke   Bass

Growing up on the Llano Estacado of Texas Carl was immersed in classical music from

a young age. Taking after his father violin was his first instrument of choice and he

progressed until he watched a friend play a walking bassline, he found his calling.

Since being inspired by that first encounter Carl has been laying down bass grooves in

various styles working as a freelance bassist. Carl never stopped playing classical

though as recently he was part of the bass section in the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra

for the 2010/2011 season. Currently he lives in Gunnison Colorado where he is

exploring bluegrass with the band Simpler Times Bluegrass and jazz with Gypsy Jazz

Social Club among other engagements with local performers in the area. With the

inspiration of the beautiful Colorado landscape and fellow musicians Carl has been

composing his own original music and hopes to put out a solo bass recording this

Summer 2013.




 Drew Murdza, mandolin, fiddle


Drew likes old pick up trucks, dirt roads, and nice instruments. His dogs are big and furry, and he is good at dressing for the elements, which is important in Gunnison Colorado. The mountains are a great place for music, and they inspire most who spend time in them. Drew also plays in Gypsy Jazz Social Club and the WSCU Orchestra. He teaches Strings in Crested Butte and Gunnison Colorado.